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These hand-crafted windchimes are created from antique and vintage silverplate by artists in eastern North Carolina.

The silverware is purchased at flea markets, thrift stores and auctions. To keep our prices reasonable, we purchase the silverware that is so heavily tarnished that is almost unrecognizable as silverplate.

Activities of the past are reflected in each piece. Any slight flaws in the silverware only add to the charm.

As you will see, the chimes are very unique. Due to the many patterns of flatware produced over the years, it is very unlikely that any two of our chimes will ever be the same.

The design of the chimes ensures that only a slight breeze is needed.

 say that the chimes remind them of church bells ringing.

These beautiful chimes will make a great conversation piece or a thoughtful gift.
Or, just spoil yourself!

Purchase goat's milk soap made on the family farm
in Germanton, NC

The soaps are handmade in small batches from the milk
of the Nubian and Nigerian dairy goats.

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